Labrdorite, Black Pearls Silver Necklace - Leila Haikonen Jewellery

Labrdorite, Black Pearls Silver Necklace

$ 124.95
This luxurious Labrdorite, Necklace is one of a kind. 

Each bead was individually picked just to make this stunning number! 

The total length is 42" so it can be doubled up and is wonderfully long! 

It can be yours, imagine wearing it with a simple dress out to dinner or with a white blouse as something fun for work! Whatever suits you best! 

This is truly a fantastic piece that would cost much more if you just walked into a department store and bought another of comparable quality. 

The finishing is top quality as you will see in the photos. 

Wear this to dress up a regular day with some gorgeous colored stones :) 

Add little handmade goodness into your life!