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Wedding Anniversary & Gemstone Jewellery Gifts

You made it down the alter, now what kind of gift should you give to your beloved for your Anniversary?

Celebrate each year of marriage by giving your partner a special gift as a symbol of your love and devotion. Honour this milestone in your life with a unique piece of gemstone jewellery, made to treasure.

Giving a gift made of different material each year, is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.  During this period more common goods such as paper, cotton and glass were given to honour a wedding anniversary. Over the years these items were replaced with more durable beautiful gemstones like sapphire, jade and garnet. 

The gemstones below have become synonymous with each wedding anniversary year.

1st wedding anniversary: Peridot 
2nd : Red garnet
3rd : Jade, pearl
4th : Blue zircon, topaz, amethyst
5th : Pink tourmaline, sapphire
6th : Turquoise, amethyst
7th : Yellow sapphire
8th : Tanzanite, tourmaline
9th : Amethyst, lapis lazuli, tiger’s-eye
10th : Blue sapphire
11th : Citrine, turquoise
12th : Opal, jade
13th : Moonstone, citrine
14th : Agate, opal
15th : Rhodolite garnet, ruby
16th : Red spinel, peridot, aquamarine
17th : Carnelian
18th : Aquamarine, opal
19th : Garnet, topaz, aquamarine
20th : Yellow diamond, emerald
25th : Tsavorite garnet
30th : Pearl
35th : Emerald, coral
40th : Ruby
45th : Cat’s-eye, alexandrite, sapphire
50th : Imperial topaz
55th : Alexandrite, emerald
60th : Star ruby
65th : Blue spinel
70th : Smoky quartz
75th : Diamond

For an unforgettable delivery:

Tuck a ring for him inside a leather wallet

Tie a bouquet of roses together with a bracelet

Hide a necklace inside the pocket of a silky robe

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