Creating and selling jewellery since 2004


Established in 2004, I turned my love of gemstones into a career in jewellery. With a keen eye, natural ability and determination, my passion is today a successful business. I am known for my magnificent selection of handmade gemstone jewellery as well as my ability to create one of a kind custom pieces.

For over 13 years, I have worked in the jewellery industry and have obtained the following diplomas and certificates from the (GIA) Gemological Institute of America:

Leila Haikonen

  • Graduate Diamonds Diploma (G.D.)
  • Accredited Jewellery Professional Diploma (A.J.P.)
  • Diamonds & Diamond Grading Certificate
  • Colored Stones Certificate
  • Diamond Grading Lab
  • Colored Stone Grading Lab
  • Gem Identification Lab
  • Pearls Grading Lab
  • Jewelry Essentials Certificate
  • Colored Stones Essentials Certificate
  • Diamond Essentials Certificate
Here you can find information and advice about diamonds, gemstones and jewellery.  Read through the news section to discover the latest in industry news and jewellery trends.
With a passion for creating stunning pieces that are versatile and timeless, my designs are inspired by eras past and styles today. Gemstone jewellery provides enduring enjoyment and pleasure for years to come. 

All jewellery is produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As ever,

Leila Haikonen, DG, AJP (GIA)
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