Find your partner a jewellery gift to treasure

 Buying a ring for your partner is quite the feat in itself.  Then every year how do you come up with gifts that inspire both of you?  Anniversary gemstone jewellery is a great start:

The gift of a birthstone is personal and will be cherished for years to come!  When you find your partner’s favourite gemstone, you can build a set of jewellery over the years.  Start with a ring for your anniversary; when her birthday comes around give the necklace. For the next holiday season you can give the earrings, then for Valentine’s Day don’t forget the bracelet!  As your love grows so will a jewellery collection to wear and cherish along with those memories.

Give these birthstone’s a whirl:

Do you know what your partner’s favourite gemstone or color is already? Take a look at these lovlies:

Want to know what your partner is wishing for, but don’t want to spoil the surprise?  Ask her best friend, this is your ally; best friends are confided in.  All of her dreams and desires can be unlocked.  Just remember to ask to keep it a secret; a best friend would never want to spoil such a thoughtful surprise.

Here is a little more info about finding the right gift from Moneysense Magazine: 

Gemstones 101: Buying a ring for your partner

 Remember the fun starts with a presentation that inspires; for a memorable delivery:

Tuck a ring for him or her inside a leather wallet
Tie a bouquet of roses or flowers together with a bracelet
Hide a necklace inside the pocket of a silky robe

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