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Happy New You!

New year, new you? 

Every new year I make resolutions but this year I made a wishlist instead!

Resolutions sound so boring, wishes are dreams you want to come true. It's not to late for a lista de deseos or wishlist to start this new year right!

It's the perfect time to start a new routine and begin the changes that will unite you with the self you wish to be.
Be sure to also write a plan to realize those dreams.  I want to eat healthy and loose some weight in the process, so I'm meal planning once a week and shopping once or twice a week to prepare healthy meals at home.  Keeping a clean house is also important to me so I do chores every Sunday morning, I bribe myself with Coronation Street.  How you ask?  During the commercial I throw some laundry in, do some dishes, start a soup or roast some veggies.  By the time my soap is over I'm folding laundry, sheets are changed and delicious smells fill my home.  

Want to start a business? Now is the time to do some research, read a book about entrepreneurship or take a small business course.  

Whatever your goals, dreams or resolutions this year, be sure to write them down and come back to them every day, week and month to be sure you stay on track.

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