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Fossil to Howlite, Healing Gemstones


This is a great stone for supporting growth and the achievement of goals through releasing limiting beliefs & old programming; encourages openness to novel & innovative opportunities, which are available. Fossil is an excellent stone for use in business to increase business accomplishments and to imbue quality & distinction within one's environment.


Garnet is a "stone of health", which enhances sexuality, is used to clear negative energy & enhance personal power for success. Garnet balances energy, revitalises and inspires love and devotion.  This is a highly protective stone, which balances natural energy, increasing confidence and security.

Red Garnet, Pearls & Silver Necklace

Gold Stone (Gold or Blue)

This is a man-made stone rich in copper. Gold stone is uplifting, reducing tension and stomach problems.  Once all limiting beliefs are released, it encourages faith that love is attainable. It also acts as a mood stabilizer and activates root and sacral chakras enhancing the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality. 


This stone is perfect for grounding energy, calms and soothes, reducing blood pressure and stress.  This is a "stone of mental mastery". Hematite, deflects negativity while enhancing memory, concentration & focus. Enhances your ability to attract love, stimulates the desire for peace and inner happiness. 

Men's Black pearl, Hematite, Silver Bracelet


Encourages ambition and eliminates hesitation to assist with the attainment of goals.  
A "tranquillity stone", which calms communication, enhances emotional expression & eliminates stress, rage and rudeness. 
Reduces stress, anxiety and quietly soothes and calms to bring gentleness and patience. 

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