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Jade to Jasper, Healing Gemstones

 Jade (Nephrite)

For restorative dreams place a piece of jade under your pillow at night.  When worn as jewellery, this is a protective and lucky stone that assists in finding wisdom in order to solve problems.  Jade is called the "fidelity stone" because it is connected with love and virtue.  This stone soothes energies, balancing between the self/ partner and opposing energies in both the internal & external areas of one's reality.  Jade also promotes peace, harmony, humility, peace and harmony. Jade Holy Cross Phone Charm

Jadeite (Lavender, White, Yellow)

Jadeite assists in grounding and accessing the unlimited resources of the universe.  This is known as a stone of "Magic" bringing protection from the spiritual realm.  Also encourages group cohesiveness, actualization of purpose & understanding.  


Jasper calms a troubled mind, helps digestive problems as well as other ills.  Jasper is know as the "Supreme Nurturer", reminding us why we are here, to help others to be free of limiting bonds and bring joy and light into the world.  Often used when energy is low to provide protection against negativity.  Aids to unite and balance the energy of the physical with the spiritual in the progress & attainment of goals. 

Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper helps with serenity helping to eliminate depression, worry and stress.  Through inward relaxation, wearing jasper provides the opportunity to think clearly and free the mind. Each piece enhances your ability to relax and bring about tranquility.  This is a stone of relaxation and gentleness.

Dalmatian Jasper, Turquoise, Wood, Pearls, Silver Necklace

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a balancing, stabilizing stone which aids in meditation and visualization.  Providing protection from negativity, jasper is a stone of harmony and creativity.  Known as a stone of "Global Awareness" promotes spiritual affinity between humanity & nature.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper promotes perseverance, grace and aids conflict; calming aggression. Red Jasper connects us with earth energies and aids in the remembering of dreams connecting the aspects most important to one's life.  Helps one to take responsibility for one's life and rectify unfair situations.  

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