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Onyx to Peridot, Healing Gemstones



Onyx is a stone worn to release old relationships, keeping away general negativity.  This is a good protective stone, traditionally worn in mourning jewellery but also popular in art deco designs. Black Onyx, Sterling Silver Necklace


Opal is helpful during childbirth and with eyesight.  Encourages faithfulness  loyalty, encouraging living authentically.  Opal helps understanding of mysticism, awakens the intellect and understanding of intuition.  


Pearl eases childbirth and increases fertility.  Pearl treats digestive disorders, soft organs and relives conditions of bloating.  Pearl is know as the "stone of sincerity", symbolizing purity, faith and innocence.  It helps to provide focus to ones attention, enhances personal integrity, while inhibiting boisterous conduct.  Pearl brings loyalty and truth to situations.  Pearls, Moonstone, Sterling Silver Necklace


Peridot increases psychic powers, attracting comfort and building vitality.  As a "stone of rebirth & renewal" peridot attracts success, good luck, happiness and peace.  Healing to damaged relations and protects against negativity and nightmares.  Peridot calms emotional storms, balances the emotional mind, aids insomnia and digestive upsets. Peridot, Sterling Silver Necklace

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