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Quartz to Ruby, Healing Gemstones


Quartz is the greatest of all healing stones, acting as an amplifier for psychic energy; focusing and protecting.  It regulates energy, storing it, releasing it, aiding in meditation and visualization. Opens the spirit for development, meditation, quartz empowers, facilitating growth, awareness and alleviating anger. 
Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz promotes nurturing, forgiveness, peace and heals emotional wounds.  Known as the "Stone of Love". Rose Quartz brings about deep inner healing, promoting self-love & great for attracting love.  It also attracts the energy of love, brings peace and calm to relationships, gently removing negativity.  Rose Quartz, soothes, comforts & reassures the wearer. Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Earrings


Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone, worn to help reduce negative emotions and depression.Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Earrings


Rhodonite is worn for self-affirmation and self-love.  Called the "stone of love" this love embodies a care for humanity and spiritual health.  Rhodonite aids in resolving arguments in a caring way, fostering the ability to stay calm when disagreements arise.  Balances, eases anxiety and clarifies mental vision. Rhodonite supports the emotions and brings order to chaos. 


Rhodochrosite helps the eyesight.  Aids in drawing love and releasing past psychological issues.


Helps blood related health, anemia, menstruation and circulation.  Shields the mind from psychic attacks through gathering and amplifying energy.  Rubies are worn to stimulate nurturing emotions and induce economic stability. Ruby stimulates nurturing emotions and economic stability. Red Ruby Briolette Sterling Silver Necklace

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