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Tanzanite to Tourmaline, Healing Gemstones


Tanzanite is used to enhance spiritual connections and increase psychic abilities. Tanzanite, Gold Vermeil Earrings

Tiger's Eye

Helps clear thinking, confidence, courage and manifesting will.  Enhances and stimulates the ability to maintain wealth.  Encourages enthusiasm for life and calms turmoil.  Aids in organizing details, gaining insight and concentration.  Tiger Eye, Pearl, Necklace

Tree Agate

This type of agate fosters abundance, enhances self esteem and clarity.  Helps to cleanse the soul with a stabilizing effect, increasing perceptiveness to inner abilities and talents.  Creates a love and connection with nature.  Tree agate helps one to see existence with a broader point of view.


Topaz counteracts negative emotions, by promoting peace, calm and forgiveness.  Worn to increase self-confidence, creativity and individuality.Blue Topaz, Sterling Silver Earrings


Tourmaline is a stone with a colour for everyone.  When multicoloured Tourmaline promotes self-assurance, goodwill, a calm focus, balance and protection.   Black Tourmaline, reduces panic, neurosis, fears and protects one from negative emotions.  Pink Tourmaline, increases, love, healing of emotional pains and compassion.  Green brings prosperity, detoxifies and cleanses the spirit.  Blue, is worn for peace, patience and helps with throat, speech and verbal problems.  Watermelon Tourmaline, brings emotional understanding and heals pains. Multi Coloured Tourmaline Briolette Silver Earrings


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