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Without question, a pearl necklace is the classic gift honoring life's greatest moments.  An instant heirloom. 

Pearls are said to aid purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty in its wearer.

June's Birthstone is the Pearl.  Pearls are an organic gemstone and were once only created in nature, “wild” and without any human intervention. Pearls today cultured by humans and natural pearls are even more rare and wild. Gem quality pearls are nacreous and iridescent. Pearl quality is decided by the orient, which is the soft iridescence refracted between the layers of nacre. The finest pearls have a smooth even surface, with no flaws or spots on the nacre. Freshwater pearls are abundant and come in endless colours thanks to permanent treatments. Pearl value is affected by the size, colour and regularity if the shape.

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