Creating and selling jewellery since 2004


I was going to do something else, this was way better

As a child I was always after something with sparkle, shiny, with an eye like a crow. 

In college I studied fashion design and technology, but I couldn't find a job in the fashion industry so I went back to school for a post-graduate in small business management. When college ended, I ultimately struggled to find a suitable job, then found a temp. job working for a coloured stone wholesaler. Being hired in the jewellery business gave me first-hand experience in the gemstone trade. We sold literally tons of beads and I cherry picked and bought all the best strands I could find! This is the reason why today, I have such a gorgeous assortment of gemstone beads to create jewellery with!  Then I studied with the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) to obtain my Graduate Diamonds (G.D., G.I.A.) and I am an Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P., G.I.A.) Eight years later, I'm full time in the jewellery business, specializing in diamonds and running this jewellery business on the side! 

Since 2004, I've been making and selling jewellery all over the world!  

Each piece is hand made with gemstones beads, pearls and sterling silver. Jewellery tells your personal style story.

My mission is to inspire inner beauty through the mysterious possibilities of gemstones and their connection to the earth. With gemstones, there is a style for every taste in any colour you can imagine!  

Customer service is part of the process to find the right piece for you or a gift for someone special. 

Feel free to contact me with any queries, questions or comments. Conversations and custom orders are welcome; the result is jewellery that each owner can call one of a kind!

When I’m not making jewellery or working, you can find me posting my musings on twitter @leilahaikonen or watching my favourite show Coronation Street.

Yes, that's right, I have a true and undying passion for Coronation Street & Jewellery!




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